Hard Drives: Purchase Used Hard Drives at Park Place Technologies

Keep your files protected with a fast and secure refurbished hard drive. Whether you're installing or replacing an HDD or SSD that is no longer reading, our selection of high-quality refurbished hard drives can meet your specific computing requirements. We carry some of the finest hard drives for sale on the market from brands like HP, Western Digital and Dell. And, each hard drive is quality-tested to guarantee complete customer satisfaction. Shop our inventory of server hard drives below!

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How to Shop for Hard Drives

If you've come to our store to order a refurbished hard drive, you may already know how hard and solid-state drives work. However, hard drives from various brands share many similar qualities across the board, so it can be difficult to decide which is best for your server or computer. Before you make your purchase, here are some factors to consider to determine the ideal hard drive for your IT needs:


  • Storage amount (gigabytes or terabytes)
  • RPMs (5400 and 7200 are standard)
  • Read/write speed
  • Intended use (what applications do you need to run?)
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