SSD (Solid State Drives)

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Store and load more programs quickly with the rapid power of solid state drives (SSD). At Park Place Technologies, we sell premium-quality used SSD drives. Our selection of quality-tested SSD drives features industry-leading companies like IBM, HP and Dell. And, despite being refurbished, SSD drives from our store offer the same great quality that you would find in a new device. Order today!

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SSD or HDD: Which Should You Choose?

Solid state hard drives are storage devices that offer fast access times to load programs. They're commonly used to store operating systems to boot up computers much more quickly, and they can be used as standalone storage or secondary storage to complement a hard disk drive (HDD). In the past, SSDs were much more expensive than HDDs, but these days they're much more comparable. With that being said, should you shop for standard HDD or SSD hard drives? To answer that, consider these three questions:


  • Can your computing benefit from using both hard drive types?
  • Are you trying to save energy? SSDs are more energy-efficient compared to HDDs.
  • How much storage do you need? HDDs can offer much larger capacities compared to SSDs.
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