Shop for a Refurbished Motherboard

At Park Place Technologies, you can buy used motherboards, as well as parts of motherboards, for servers or standard computing. Our selection of refurbished motherboards offers the same excellent quality that you would expect from new boards. And, just like the rest of our products, we thoroughly test our boards to make sure they're fully functional. Check out our inventory of used motherboards for sale below.

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How to Choose a Motherboard

Just like other computer parts, motherboards look similar to each other but also have small, subtle differences that you should look out for when shopping for one. So, what should you look for to determine the right board for your IT needs? Here are some questions to think about:


  • Is it for ATX or micro-ATX?
  • What processor are you using? (some boards work with Intel while others work with AMD)
  • What are your computing needs? (work, photo editing and even gaming motherboards have been designed for specific purposes)
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